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Below certainly a not complete overview of my and our holidays. At this moment there is only a short description of the voyage and photographs of our stays from the most appreciated time of the year. Because the work involved, it will probably stay that way.
Formerly I use to spent that time with friends, motorbikes and a whole lot of hair. Today with a campervan, motorbike, less hair, a sweet and loving wife.

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Poland 2008

Polen, Auschwitz Birkenau

A holiday with other campersiters of internet to the south of Poland. The journey has been extensively prepared and organized by a Polish couple, who hasbeen living in Belgium for the biggest part of their lives. We have seen many things, visited many buidings, castles and hiked a lot in national parks. Krakow, Zarkopane, Auschwitz and other places have left indelible impressions. Hopefully we can return in a few years

poi's van belangrijke plaatsen van deze vakantie in google earth formaat.

bron: Jan Kowalski


On the left a film about Auschwitz and Birkenau, made by a fellow compagnion and campersiter.

Bron: Stan Martens, Alken


from the 

On the right a description of a large part of the journey in Poland, we have made. The report is published in the Kampeer Wereld, and was written by Katy and Raymond.

Bron: Kampeerwereld



Photo reports of:




Example video of a citywalk of Wroclaw



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France 2009

A holiday with emphasis on motorcycling. The destination: France and especially the south. The motorbike routes were at home prepared with Mapsource. Most of these rides were allright and didn't need changing. Some others needed adjustments, partly because eg unpaved roads were part of the original route or the starting point (= camping) was changed to the latest insights. Finally, I must say that I've seen incredible natural beauty, long hours I was alone in this world. I've been in places where not many foreigners have ever been. Occasionally there were difficult conditions: roads which were completely covered with big quantities of gravel, combined with an unrelenting amount of curves and hairpin bends.

In the meantime my wife enjoyed her stay at the camping site and the camper. Occasionally going to a nearby village or town to shop for souvenirs or other shopping. Everyone has their own preference. Yes, unlike previous years culture has been a bit short this year. No extended visits to castles and caves. When you only have a three weeks holiday, you have to make choices.....

What we did do:

Gained a lot of vitamins!


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