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oldtimer motorbikes in Lede May 2009
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Motorbike weekend in Klüsserath 2009

preparation MMVG rally 2009

SRX owners manual

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GDB files MMVG ralley

Report MMVG rally

Motorbike tour in Pico de Europa 2007

Motorbike tour Lieler- Luxemburg - Lieler

Motorbike tour 120km Arinthod Frankrijk

Motorbike tour camping Chalazet, Ardèche

Motorbike tour St Michel de Boulogne, Ardeche


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In the last weekend of Septem-ber 2009 we made a motorbike tirp through one of our favourite regions in Germany:

            the Schnee Eifel

During a stop we met on the terras in Daleiden a special society with motorbike you will not see every day. One motorbike was very special.....

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Conversion of the motorbike of  Leendert en Ria. Some major adjustments were needed.

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Reviews of Garmin Zumo 660

A few days ago I received a Zumo 660. The first impressions / problems you can read here. You will find a personal review of this equipment on this site soon.


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Zumo 660


Garmin 2610 streetpilot

The old faithful. Does work elementary in respect to navigation, but is very well suited for driving routes. Speed in recalculating is secured by using an Extreme III memory card. Works with non-NT citynavigator Europe.