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A short introduction:


Well above fifty and still enjoying live.
Riding a motorbike from the age of 18. Today not as much distance as I used to do, when I was young. But the quality and the enjoying the motorbike rides has certainly improved over the years. Ofcourse we are helped by all the technical possibilities, that we may experience today. Like GPS. Making nice trips has become easier and more common!
A big part of this site has been reserved for GPS and its aspects.
The motorbike routes mentioned in the various threads are one by one driven by me. Most of the time photo's are published to support an impression of the journey and in Google Earth you virtially can drive these routes and see the scenery.
Another important hobby is an older Hymer campervan.
Maintening and improving the motorhome just to stay on the road for holidays and small trips takes a lot of time and effort. So you can find interesting info about the Hymer S550 and Mercedes, like electrical wiring diagrams and other things.
You could retrieve a lot of information for your holidays, if you spent that time - just like us -  with a campervan and a motorbike. I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages of my site.





Each day is a little life


John's wife. Being a family person, I especially can enjoy the presence of my grandchildern. Also Flocky, an older Pudel is very important to me.
I love to go on holiday and spent time camping, but can also appreciate to return home.....




Windsurfing on Rügen - Germany 2014

The waves are rough, the wind permanently and spectators on the beach of Thiessow usually present. From far you can see the parachutes of the kite surfers in the landscape . At all temperatures is surfing "hot", here on the west side of the peninsula Mönchgut in Rügen.


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